Micky Dunne (Guitar) After being influenced in his teenage years by everything from Progressive Rock to Reggae. Micky started playing guitar aged 17 after being shown some chords by a friend. He then became influenced by Classical and Jazz guitar players and decided to study Music at Liverpool Community College (Sandown) where he was awarded the Alan Graham prize for Jazz Student of the year. It was whilst working part-time at The Atlantic pub in Liverpool that Micky was turned onto Django Reinhardt and in turn the modern gypsies like Bireli Lagrene, Fapy Lafertin and Stochelo Rosenberg. He has performed in a number of bands playing a wide range of music from Pop Group to Flamenco inspired ensembles but he continues to study the music of Reinhardt.

Hayden John (Violin) Picked up the Violin when he was 20 years old, having originally been a Rock Guitarist. He studied music at Sandown College, Liverpool for 3 years. He is a fantastic violinist who has experienced most genres of music including Classical, Folk, Irish, Bluegrass and Jazz. One of Hayden's many claims to fame is that his playing is featured on the soundtrack for the Guy Ritchie film SNATCH. He loves the late Stephane Grapelli's playing style. For him Grappelli is the best and he strives to include some of his facits within his own style. He was delighted when the opportunity arose to start a 'Hot Cliub Style Band' 



George Maher (Guitar) - originally a rock guitarist, self taught from the age of 14. He had given up playing guitar until one day he saw a documentary on the legendary Gypsy Guitarist - Django Reinhardt. Being so taken aback by this style he returned to the guitar and visited the annual Django Reinhardt Festival in Samoise nr Fontainbleau (France) to learn more. Since then, he has continued to develop as a guitarist and is learning Jazz. Preferring to take up the rhythm guitar role - something that is so important within this genre of music as it almost replaces the drums as the pulse behind the band. Prior to joining Nouveau Django he played Rhythm for over 2 years with Gary Potter.
How we met. George and Micky played together in the Gary Potter Quartet and used to travel to gigs together. On one of the long journeys South they toyed with the idea of getting a group together playing gigs in the North West - nothing too serious, just a little band that could 'keep their hand in and stay fresh' for when they were called up by Gary. Micky mentioned Hayden who he knew from college and had done a few gigs with in the past. The trio got together for a jam in January 2007 and went through about 10 numbers. It was clear from this meeting that it would work.