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This is the personal website of Pat, George, William and Yolande Heslop-Harrison and Trude Schwarzacher. Please use the redirected address www.heslop-harrison.com to access the site.

Our research programmes and technology on molecular cytogenetics and plant cell biology are given on the University of Leicester site, easily remebered as www.molcyt.com or www.molecularcytogenetics.com.

Our company, BioAstral Limited, is developing novel hyperspectral photon imaging technology. It is contacted through www.bioastral.com.

Biography of Jack Heslop-Harrison (1920-1998) by Brian Gunning

This biography includes Jack Heslop-Harrison's remarkable account of his army experiences in the Orkneys and then with T-Force, the technical investigation section of the UK Special Forces linked with the US/Canadian forces. Please navigate to JackH-H, then contents, then download the T-Force and other relevant PDFs

Personal homepages of George and William Heslop-Harrison (mostly deleted Feb 2009)

Publication list for Yolande Heslop-Harrison

Recent lectures by Pat Heslop-Harrison:

Systems Biology Talk at Opening Symposium at GIST - Guangju Institute of Science and Technology (8 Mb - wait for download)

OECD Workshop Talk Brisbane, Australia, November 2008 (6Mb download as pdf)

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