The Morley Railway System

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Morley Top layout

Morley Top Station looking towards Bradford. Taken around 1908.

Morley Low layout

A 3rd class train bound for Blackpool during Morley Feast around 1903. During Feast Week mill hooters were silenced.

Morley Low Station looking towards Huddersfield. Taken in 1895.

A more modern picture than the one to the left taken in 2000.

Morley Low Station from the top of Albert Road steps. Taken in 1961

The top of Albert Road Steps. This photograph was taken in 2000, just after the area was 'tidied' up.

Another modern photograph of
Morley Low Station taken in 1997 by A. J. Haigh.

The Morley Railway System

The Borough of Morley had a reasonably large Railway System with many Stations. This page deals only with Morley 'Top' and 'Low' stations.

Morley Top Railway Station opened in 1858. The station was imroved in 1904 when a new booking office and subway were added. The station was very busy around 1913, but being close to the Town centre suffered from increasing competition from the Tramways and bus services. The line ran between Leeds Central and Wakefield Westgate stations and included most of the Borough's railway stations.

Morley Low Railway Station opened on the 18th September 1848 and was Morley's first Railway Station. The line was part of the London and North Western Railway (L.N.W.R.) line between Leeds and Manchester.

The Morley Tunnel heads away from Morley towards Huddersfield and Manchester. It is 3,370 yards long which is over a mile (3.07 Kilometres) long. Construction started in 1845 and took 3 years to complete.
The tunnel is still in use today.

The 'Beeching' report of the 1960's proposed withdrawal of all local passenger services and closure of some lines. Because of the report and a decline in passengers due to competition by bus services the station ceased passenger services in 1961 and freight services ended in 1969. Most of the site of the station and the High Street and Bridge Street Viaducts has been cleared, but the goods depot is still standing next to a new road called Chartist's Way which was constructed along the old railway line. The report recomended that Morley Low should stay open but in 1967 the decision was reversed and Morley Low was earmarked for closure. A public enquiry in to the decision was held and found that the closure of the station would cause considerable hardship to local people and the Minister of Transport refused permission to close the station. The Morley Low Station is still operating today.

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All sketches on this page taken from A. J. Haighs book
'Railways of Morley & South Leeds'
by kind permission of the Author.