Sagacity Sagacity is skill in perceiving, or judging. Having acumen, astuteness and clear-sightedness combined with mature understanding, insight and profundity.
Thursday,October 04,2001

This is too much.... I can't bear it... Somebody else on the radio is agreeing with me... This guy (a french chef) said that the home and the family is a little molecule of society and all the molecules add up to make the whole. So... How we raise our children is important not only for the child and the family but also for soceity as a whole. If our children are raised without respect for authorty (because the powers of parents and teachers have been removed) then this will be reflected in soceity. If support for the family unit is removed, then our little molecules will start to fall apart...

Tuesday,October 02,2001

Do my ears decieve me or did I actually hear someone on the radio say that the problem with soceity today was the break down of authority in the home and in schools. What joy, what bliss, I am not the only person who thinks this... Suddenly I don't feel so lonely...

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