Gordon Reynolds - Software Downloads
Author : Gordon Reynolds.
EMail : gordon975@hotmail.com

Tested Windows 10
Tested Windows 7
Tested Windows 95/98
32 and 64 bit Operating Systems

This Software may be freely downloaded
Please copy source and setup files to a folder and run
Setup from there to install software.

Disclaimer :
Neither the suppliers nor the publisher shall
accept responsibility for any losses or damage
resulting from use of this software, including
any loss of profit, damage to equipment,
interruption of business or data or any other
damage direct or accidental.

Software includes Source Code.

Visual Basic 6, Pascal, Multivalue Database QMBasic

Book Format

Software that takes a text file and formats it to print books.
Download BookFormInstall.exe


Software that prints labels.
Download LabelingInstall.exe

ABInventory Control

Software that Records Stock Inventory data.
Download ABInventoryControlInstall.exe

Dielectric Test

Software that Records test parameters and loads them via an IEEE interface.
Download DielectricTestInstall.exe

Tooling Control

Software to maintain a database of Tooling data that enables
the tracking of location and tool condition based on use.
Download ToolingControlInstall.exe

Tooling Stores

Software to maintain database of consumable tooling stock that
enables its issuing and reorder.

Download ToolStoreInstall.exe

Directory File List

Software that enables transfer of Directory List Detail
to a text file.

Download DirectoryFileListInstall.exe

Personnel Manager

Software to enable the user to maintain
a database of Human Resources / Personnel

Download PersonnelInstall.exe


This Program is designed to enable the start and finish time to be recorded
based on pressing and releasing the buttons on a qwerty computer keyboard.

Download KeyTimerInstall.exe


Sound Schedule plays a sound file or speaks the
time at a set day of the week and time.

Download SoundScheduleInstall.exe


Text Edit is designed to edit small text files, it includes a spelling check
facility which can be adjusted for all languages using the asscii
based character set. There is also a translator function which enables a word
for word translation of text no attempt is made with grammer or meaning

Download TextEditInstall.exe

Double Slit Experiment Simulation

(Double Slit Simulation.exe)
This Double Slit Experiment Simulation software illustrates a possible solution
to the mystery surrounding the behaviour of an atomic particle passing through
a double slit and behaving as a wave.
The Download includes Visual Basic 6 Source Code for the software.

Download Double Slit Simulation.exe


Menu is an application menu system and runs in all versions of
windows dos and under DOSBox on windows 7 both 32 bit and 64.

Download MenuInst.exe

Multivalue Database

I have put together some Multivalue database samples that might be interesting and
useful for programming technique if not for immediate use.

Multivalue Database Screens
Download MultivalueDatabaseFiles.exe

Usefull Tips and Applications

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File Transfer Protocol for simple website creation
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Visual Basic 6
Simple HTML Tutorial
Free Extractor Wizard Software
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