Hugh Walters

Author of the 'Chris Godfrey' novels

If you regularly borrowed science fiction books from your local library anywhen from the 1950s to the early 1980s, the chances are that your read a Hugh Walters novel or two. You remember - English astronaut Chris Godfrey and his team flying to each of the planets in the solar system? With titles like 'Expedition Venus', 'Destination Mars' and 'Journey to Jupiter', with a Hugh Walters novel you were guaranteed nailbiting tension coupled with a wealth of technical detail!

Unfortunately the books have been out of print for many years, and many libraries have by now disposed of their copies. Hopefully this page will evoke some memories of a classic series of novels.

The Author
The Books
The Covers
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The 'Chris Godfrey' Novels:
Cover pic
1: Blast off at Woomera
2: The Domes of Pico
3: Operation Columbus
4: Moon Base One
5: Expedition Venus
6: Destination Mars
7: Terror By Satellite
8: Journey to Jupiter
9: Mission to Mercury
10: Spaceship to Saturn
11: The Mohole Mystery
12: Nearly Neptune
13: First Contact?
14: Passage to Pluto
15: Tony Hale, Space Detective
16: Murder on Mars
17: The Caves of Drach
18: The Last Disaster
19: The Blue Aura
20: The Dark Triangle
21: The Glass Men
The 'Boy Astronaut' series:
1: Boy Astronaut
2: First Family on the Moon
3: School on the Moon
Other works:
Sources of copies
P-K (Psychokinesis)

The Reviews:

'Mr Walter's books...combine an artful mounting tension with a mass of fascinating technical detail.'
Edward Blishen in The Guardian

'Human, detailed and full of suspense.'
Junior Bookshelf on 'Blast off At Woomera'

'The degree of excitement prior to take-off is maintained throughout this ingenious tale...Thrilling and technically fascinating.'
Fantasy and Science Fiction on 'Destination Mars'

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Thanks to GR Robinson for all the new information added recently, including the newspaper clippings, the cover scans of the translations and most of the biography! Thanks also to Wanda from Australia who supplied the "Nearly Neptune" proof copy scan, to Scott Drellishak for supplying some of the US covers, and to the kind person who typed in the Vector reviews and whose name I have forgotten (sorry).....

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