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Walters, Hugh

Pseudonym of UK writer Walter Llewellyn Hughes (1910- ) for his fiction, all CHILDREN'S SF, and all restricted for many years to his "Chris Godfrey of U.N.E.X.A." sequence of interplanetary adventures: Blast Off at Woomera (1957; vt Blast Off at 0300, 1958 US), The Domes of Pico (1958; vt Menace from the Moon, 1959 US), Operation Columbus (1960; vt First on the Moon, 1960 US), Moon Base One (1961; vt Outpost on the Moon, 1962 US), Expedition Venus (1962), Destination Mars (1963), Terror by Satellite (1964), Journey to Jupiter (1965), Mission to Mercury (1965), Spaceship to Saturn (1967), The Mohole Mystery (1968; vt The Mohole Menace, 1969 US), Nearly Neptune (1969; vt Neptune One is Missing, 1970 US), First Contact? (1971), Passage to Pluto (1973), Tony Hale, Space Detective (1973), Murder on Mars (1975), Boy Astronaut (1977 chap), The Caves of Drach (1977), The Last Disaster (1978), The Blue Aura (1979), First Family on the Moon (1979), The Dark Triangle (1981) and School on the Moon (1981). Chris Godfrey starts as a boy, but grows up and advances through the ranks of U.N.E.X.A. - the United Nations Exploration Agency, the "organization responsible for the exploration of the Universe" - until he becomes Director, from which point he supervises younger characters, like the mechanic Tony Hale, who dominates the action of laters books. Other Works: P-K (1986).

Kindly contributed by Brett O'Callaghan

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