Sleep Deprivation

The Task

Our experiment was tested before Sleep Deprivation and after. Our test involved anagrams. There were 10 anagrams each 4 letters long that the subjects had to solve. The subjects were given one anagram and one plain sheet of paper at a time.

Once the anagram and paper were given to the subject, they had a maximum of 30 seconds to complete each anagram.

If the anagram was completed within the 30 second time limit, the time was recorded in a table. If the anagram was not completed in the 30 second time limit, not solved was written in the table. This was treated as 30 seconds. The average time taken for each subject before and after sleep deprivation was recorded.

The Result

The average time taken to solve the anagrams was 7.26 seconds before sleep deprivation and 6.5 seconds after. This difference is not significant.

Research conducted by Leanne Day, Julia Scott and Laura Hughes.

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