Here are some links you might want to visit, I've found them useful in my search for games and information.

Game & Watch Central. No Game & Watch site would be complete without this link. An unfinished site, but the Forum is where the action is!

G&W sims A very clever programmer, I think. Several Game & Watch simulators for the PC.

Clints Handheld Bonanza. THE site for handhelds of all makes.

Nokrums Game & Watch Page Some nice scans of boxes and instructions.

Gautier's Game & Watch Collection

Below are collectors I've traded with in the past. Many thanks to all of them.

Jules Burt. A collector from England. See his collection here, and his collectors shop here

Rik Kerkvliet. A collector from England. See his COMPLETE collection here

Andi Lorenz. A collector from Germany. See his collection here

Henrik Olsen. A collector from Denmark. See his collection here

Fredrik Kellen. A very successful collector from Sweden. I'm so envious! See his COMPLETE collection here

Jaro Gielens. A collector from Germany. Very nicely designed website. See it here

Michael Davidson. A collector from New Zealand. Massive collection!! Be sure to check out the car boot page. Click Here

Tim Smith. A collector from Australia. See his collection here

Tom Spilliaert. A collector from Belgium. See his collection here

Simon Lo. A collector from Hong Kong. See his collection here

Harry Yiannakis. A collector from the UK. One of only 2 UK collectors with a complete collection. (Hopefully I'll be the 3rd) See his collection here