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This site has a new home!

My Site contains 3 different variations, each containing my game collections, but using different designs. Click an image below to go to the one you want to see.

HTML site. The original I started in 1998. As seen on TV! Contains details of all my collections.  Not fully up-to date, though Purple Flash Site. Contains Just Game & Watch. More interactive than the HTML site but contains more or less the same information on the games. Takes a few seconds to load if you're on low bandwidth but it's worth the wait. New site! 

Maximum animation and interactivity. SOD THE BANDWIDTH! 

Under construction

Please ignore the trade list(s) in these pages.  All of the games in my collection are currently for sale (56 out of 60 games!)  If you are interested, please remove the word 'junk' from the following e-mail address:

Thanks for visiting!