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Zike Motor Control PCB (24/08/04)

Zike Battery Label (24/08/04)


No Battery (26/08/04)

Motor Drive (26/08/04)


Wheels (26/08/04)

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Today Monday 30/08/04 Zike Reassembled & Tested O/K


My Zike 02/09/04


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Sinclair Zike Documents




Sinclair Zike

Sinclair's Zike was launched in 1995

The world first viable electric bike. It battery power.

 The battery in the bike frame.

The Zike can be ridden in exactly the same manner as a non electrically powerd bicycle.Riding the Zike as a normal cycle for a couple of minutes is probably the best way of getting used to the vehicle.


Zike Operating Instructions

When you wish to use electric power all you have to do is to pull up the power lever and push to go. The electronic controlling circuitry of the Zike acts in a similar manner to the clutch in a car, hence there will be no sudden surge of power, only a controlled acceleration of the Zike.


Zike Spec

Wight: 11kg ( 24lbs )

Frame:  Aluminium extrusion joined by verton composite components

Wheels: Composite injection mouldings

Tyres: High pressure 12.5 * 1.75 * 2.25 inflate to 70 PSI

Motor: 24 V D.C. 100 Watts continuous

Motor drive: Poly Grip GT toothed belt

Battery: NICAD. 20 D cells driving the motor through patented electronic controller

Conventional transmission: 1/2" * 1/8" Chain developing 59" gearing at the rear wheel.





Today Saturday 04/09/04 New Zike Pictures

after test ride from Lancing to Worthing and Back

all went O/K about 6 miles round trip






C5Martin + Sinclair Zike