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To view a MOD simply click the left mouse button on the file
and it will be displayed for you to read.

Some of these 'MODS' are written using MS/WORD so unless you
have the appropriate Plug-In you will just be given the option
to 'Save Target As'.

To download a MOD simply click on the file with the right
mouse button and go to the 'Save Target As' option.

Some of these mods are written using WORDPAD so clicking on any
of these will offer you a different option,either to SAVE to HD
or read the file click OPEN.

Alinco Mods

ALD-24T Mod1.871ald-24t.mod
ALINCO Lmp3.051alinco.lmp.mod
ALINCO Mod3.543alinco.mod
ALR-22T Frq1.072alr-22t.frq
ALR206T Doc.665alr206t
ALR22T Doc.947alr22t.doc
ALR22T Txt2.203alr22t.txt
ALR22T01 Doc1.348alr22t01.doc
ALR22T02 Doc.900alr22t02.doc
ALR72T Doc1.849alr72t.doc
DJ-F1T Mod1.613dj-f1t.mod
DJ-S1e Exp1.032dj-s1e.exp.doc
DJ120 Exp.742dj120.exp
DJ120 Mod1.170dj120.mod
DJ120e Mod3.607dj120e.mod
DJ120_1 Doc.655dj120_1
DJ160 Doc.828dj160.doc
DJ160 Mod2.834dj160.mod
DJ160_1 Doc1.036dj160_1.doc
DJ160_2 Doc15.125dj160_2.doc
DJ162 Mod1.689dj162.mod
DJ460_1 Doc.376dj460_1.doc
DJ500 Mod2.953dj500.mod
DJ500e Mod2.305dj500e.mod
DJ500T01 Doc1.495dj500t01.doc
DJ560 Mod1.300dj560.mod
DJ560T Doc2.149dj560t.doc
DJ560T Mod2.299dj560t.mod
DJ580 Mod2.039dj580.mod
DJ580E Mod1.150dj580e.mod
DJ580T Key1.331dj580t.key
DJ580T_1 Txt.786dh580t_1.txt
DJ580_2 Txt1.414dj580_2.txt
DJ580T_3 Txt1.573dj580t_3.txt
DJ580_1 Doc.567dj580_1.doc
DJF1 Mod.845djf1.mod
DJF1T Mod2.669djf1t.mod
DJF1_1 Doc2.399djf1_1.doc
DJG5T Txt.659djg5t.txt
DJS41 Txt2.229djs41.txt
DJ_500T Doc2,671dj_500t.doc
DJ_560 Doc3.869dj_560.doc
DJ_580 Mod159.009dj_580.mod
DR110 Mod1.353dr110.mod
DR110112 Doc2.944dr110112.doc
DR110D Doc.385dr110d.doc
DR110E Mod1.172dr110e.mod
DR110P Mod4.937dr110p.mod
DR110T Doc1.600dr110t.doc
DR110T Exp1.142dr110t.exp
DR110T Txt.452dr110t.txt
DR110_1 Doc1.950dr110_1.doc
DR110_2 Doc2.451dr110_2.doc
DR110_3 Doc.995dr110_3.doc
DR110_4 Doc.483dr110_4.doc
DR110_5 Doc2.550dr110_5.doc
DR112_1 Doc2.451dr112_1.doc
DR112_2 Doc1.980dr112_2.doc
DR112_3 Doc2.550dr112_3.doc
DR119T Txt1.101dr119t.txt
DR1200_1 Mod2.331dr1200_1.mod
DR1200-2 9k6.994dr1200-2.9k6
DR1200T Mod2.258dr1200t.mod
DR130 Mod1.353dr130.mod
DR180T Txt2.706dr180t.txt
DR410_1 Doc2.451dr410_1.doc
DR410_2 Doc1.978dr410_2.doc
DR410_3 Doc2.549dr410_3.doc
DR430 Txt3.677dr430.txt
DR510 Mod4.235dr510.mod
DR510T Doc.419dr510t.doc
DR510_1 Doc1.697dr510_1.doc
DR510_2 Doc1.868dr510_2.doc
DR570 Mod.960dr570.mod
DR570E Mod.705dr570e.mod
DR_570T Doc.640dr_570t.doc
DR570T Doc.575dr570t.doc
DR570_2 Doc.530dr570_2.doc
DR570_3 Doc1.066dr570_3.doc
DR590 Key.675dr590.key
DR590T Doc2.020dr590t.doc
DR590T_1 Doc2.459dr590t_1.doc
DR590T_2 Doc1.817dr590t_2.doc
DR590_2 Doc.824dr590_2.doc
DR_590T Doc4.480dr_590t.doc
DR599E Exp1.445dr599e.exp
DR599T Mod1.976dr599t.mod
DR600 Mod1.645dr600.mod
DR610T Txt1.095dr610t.txt
DRM06 Txt1.684drm06.txt
DRSI Doc.896drsi.doc
DR_112T Doc2.533dr_112t.doc
DR_510T Doc.512dr_510t.doc
DR_570T Doc.640dr_570t.doc
DR_590T Doc4.480dr_590t.doc


No guarantees are either expressed or implied towards any

software or information provided at this website, and the user

must take his or her own precautions in using such software

or information.

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