One and Two Valve 

Transmitters for 80mtrs

click picture for full size

click picture for full size

My QTH is the 4th one from the left, now you see why i have magnetic loops in the roof space 

The new 2 valve tx

Rear view of the 2 valve tx

The new two valve tx for 80mtrs is the same ECL82 circuit but the extra valve is an EZ81 used in place of the solid state diodes.

The new tx is working nicely with 10 watts output, reports on air have been very good with RST of 569 to 599 all say the CW tone

is very nice. The next project now is a 3 valve Regen receiver to use with it.Thanks go to Hans G0UPL for the ECL82 and also for sending me one of his Dad's octal bases for use in the new regen rxer. 

Hans G0UPL one valve Transmitter,

Hear Hans Tx as received at my QTH.

short 1.3 minutes click here in mp3 format

Full qso 30mins

between my ecl82 tx and Hans ecl82 tx. in mp3 format download 1.8mb

Visit Hans great website at