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About the Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Corps of Signals

The Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Corps of Signals, were based at Denbury Camp about 4 miles from Newton Abbot in South Devon. The Regiment moved to Denbury around 1955 from Beverley in East Yorkshire and was based there until sometime in 1967.

Boys were there from aged 15 to 17 when they would transfer to the regular army, a boy would be required to sign on for his service in the Junior Leaders Regiment and for a further minimum of 6 years with the Colors and 6 years in the Reserve. 
You underwent basic training and after that were put into your troop/squadron were you stayed until you graduated at age 17.Trade training was given, I trained as a radio op and passed out as a BIII.Other trades given were Comcen Op,  Lineman, ED, trade training not sure if there were any other types given ?
         There were three Squadrons consisting of Alex, Slim and Montgomery, four troops in each Sqn.
I did my basic training in 'Nig Wing' and then was placed into Beaufighter Troop, Alex Sqn. Troop Sgt was a Sgt Bob Arnold, OC was Capt Eddie Hanson. I well remember all the hard work we did in 1965 I think it was to become champion troop and wear the purple lanyard on the opposite arm to the signals blue lanyard. A few names I recall were, Frank Mellor, from Stockport, who joined the same day as myself, Spud Tate,Ginge Robinson,Al Jardine,Paddy Chambers, Roy Howard,John(jock) Berry, Ginger Waddington,Steve Cross, Specs Martin, Jim Hall,Shorty Short, Mick Sheehan,S/SGT (Drum Major Yates) L\CPL Green who was a member of the regt police and marched me around a few times !! Some one out there may recall seeing me being doubled round the camp on more than one occasion . Also you will at one time or another heard me blowing reveille or come to the cookhouse etc.We used to have hobby nights, I was in the Corps of drums as a bugler/trumpeter and was also a Fanfare trumpeter. Other hobbies consisted of Pipe band, Scottish Country dancing, Photography club and others that I don't recall. There was an amateur radio club, but although I am now a licensed radio amateur at that time I hadn't discovered it.
To see a map of the camp drawn by David Lawrence ,you'll find it in one of the photo galleries .There is a little bit missing but I will try and fill it in and hope I can make as good a job as David.
Some other names I have from people who have emailed me, you may know them are:-Barry Jervis,Bob Norcross,Cyril(Nobby)Clark,Steve Randle,Tony Gask,Dave Lawrence. There were one or two more but unfortunately I had a pc crash and lost there details, have learnt the hard way to back up everything on a regular basis ! So if your names are missing my apologies and please get in touch.
List of names received so far(lets make it much bigger !) Click Here
Trade training ,I seem to recall the morse instructor was Sgt (tap tap )Price. There was also another Sgt Price who was a weapons instructor and hence had the nickname bang bang Price. Another name that comes to mind was a Sgt "Dicky" Bird, also taught morse and theory, called everyone Honker !!,was a Scouser i think.
My memory is a bit sketchy but as I recall things from those days I will update things ,also should anyone from those days visit this site I would love to hear from you and perhaps you could help with names or possibly some photo's to include. 

Copy of a document sent by Peter Good. Lists members of staff at Denbury

in Oct 1960 Click here