Antweight World Series 8, Barnet UK, 15th June 2002

This was R.O.N.N.Y.'s first competitive outing. Many thanks to Oliver Steeples for the pictures. Visit his site for the full results.

RONNY at the weigh-in Round 1
R.O.N.N.Y. at the weigh-in.
R.O.N.N.Y. weighed 148g, just 2g under the limit.
The line-up for Round 1
Left to right: Dave 2, Suburban Space Ant, and R.O.N.N.Y.
Suburban Space Ant went out after being pushed off the arena by R.O.N.N.Y.
Round 2 Round 3
The line-up for Round 2
Left to right: Dave 2, Odyssey, R.O.N.N.Y.
Dave 2 went out after R.O.N.N.Y. pushed it out of the arena in pieces!
The line-up for Round 3
Left to right: Militant, R.O.N.N.Y. and Psychoant
This time it was the end of the road for R.O.N.N.Y.
RONNY vs Militant R.O.N.N.Y. went out in Round 3, having driven off the edge of the arena in an attempt to avoid the destructive spinning disc of Militant.

R.O.N.N.Y. was ranked joint 5th after AWS8, having won 2 out of 3 fights.

Round 3 in progress
Militant squares up to R.O.N.N.Y. before R.O.N.N.Y. runs away!

R.O.N.N.Y. only suffered minor damage at the hands of Militant, a quarter of one tyre got completely chewed up and part of a wheel guard got smashed off. The other tyre got a small nick and part of the guard came unstuck but stayed on. Five minutes later R.O.N.N.Y. was fit enough to go into the "football" - which involved about 8 'bots attacking each other and ignoring the ball. No time limit - run until your batteries die!

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