(Robot Of No Name Yet)


R.O.N.N.Y. is our first Ant-Weight robot, so we still have much to learn. Here is the current specification.

Drive 2 x Supertec Naro HP/BB servos, modified for 360 degree rotation
Receiver Hitec HFS-03MC 3-channel (minus case). Came as standard with the transmitter. May get replaced with something smaller one day!
Weapon Servo Hitec HS-81. Only modification is to upgrade to a HS-81MG metal gear set.
Weapon Wedge-shaped front with flipper arm. The flipper is driven by a 4-bar linkage, has approximately 90 degrees movement and works as a very effective self-rigting mechanism (srimech).
Batteries 4 x 2/3 AAA 300mAh NiMH cells wired in series to give 4.8V.
Armour 1mm polycarbonate.
Chassis Made from an old printed circuit board. Some 400 holes were drilled in it to make it lighter.
Wheels Made from balsa wood and cardboard, with foam tyres and Dycem non-slip mat treads.


R.O.N.N.Y. is mainly made from scrap materials. Here is a list of the bits and pieces that have at one time or another gone into making it:


Since R.O.N.N.Y was built mainly from scrap, the cost was not too great, for us the greatest expense was buying the radio control gear, but this can be used for other robots and other purposes.

The major parts:

Plus glue, odds & ends etc

If you are considering building a robot from scratch, bear in mind we also had to get the R/C transmitter and batteries, and a battery charger (which I actually built for next to nothing - you may need to buy one). All told, I would reckon on spending about 150 to build your first robot - more if you need to buy basic materials like balsa, plastic, card etc which we already had or got for free.

Last updated 12 July 2003
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