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Welcome to the Team BeligerAnt website. The team was formed in February 2002 to build and drive ant-weight robots. We hope you find much of interest on our site. This is an ongoing project to gather useful antweight robot information into one place. If you know something we've missed, please let us know!


If you met us at Brighton Modelworld or Brighton Mini Maker Faire welcome to antweight robots! A detailed description of the parts that go to make up a robot and step-by-step instructions on how to assemble a robot like Make-A-Bot can be found here.

AntLog is a tool I have written to automate Peter Waller's double-elimination sheets.
It is a set of macros in an spreadsheet template. It will run on any version of from 2.3 onwards. is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. AntLog supports competitions for 8 to 128 robots.


Download AntLog tool

Download AntLog instructions (PDF)

Download double-elimination charts (PDF)

AntLog2 is the new, improved (?) version of AntLog which not only logs the competition results but also handles the complete draw and has a projector-friendly user interface which always shows the next 4 fights, which can be run in any order.
Just enter the robots and team names on the first sheet and click the "Do Draw" button.
When the event spreadsheet has been built, click the "Run Event" button on the "Final" page.
AntLog and AntLog2 should both run on OpenOffice and LibreOffice although neither have been tested with LibreOffice.

Download AntLog2

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