GB4FT - A Special Event Station

To Commemorate the Anniversary of the Opening of the Foredown Tower Countryside Centre

Every year, on the first weekend in July, G4XKF, G0PAW, G0XAN (me) and a variety of other local radio amateurs run a Special Event Station from the Foredown Tower Countryside Centre in Portslade, East Sussex.

The tower was a Victorian water tower, built in the 1880's to provide a reliable water supply for the isolation hospital. The hospital became a residential home before being closed down in 1988. The hospital was demolished, but the water tower was bought by Hove Council and renovated. The water tank has been converted into a viewing gallery with a 360 degree panorama. On a clear day the Isle of Wight is visible some 50 miles to the west.

A camera obscura is mounted in the roof of the building, and is demonstrated on the hour.

GB4FT is on the air from about 10:00 BST to about 16:30 BST each day on the first complete weekend in July. Look for us on 80m or 40m, although we do operate on the higher bands if conditions are favourable.

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Last updated: 4 January 2002

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