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Note: Events begin at 7.30 in the Sea Cadets Centre (Goldsworth Park, Woking) unless otherwise stated and there will be a £1 entrance fee to the meeting which includes a cup of coffee. Directions are at the bottom of this page (please scroll down).




Thursday 9th April - DR David Fluck with Professor Chris Fry

We are delighted to welcome our Patron,Dr David Fluck, who of course needs no introduction. He will be speaking to us alongside his good friend and colleague of many years, Professor Chris Fry. They worked together at St. Mary’s and University College of London. After which, Professor Fry worked briefly at Surrey University and made contact
again as St Peter’s was relatively close by. They are working together again one
day a week at St Peter's to establish an academic medical research activity at the

Chris will be describing his work in setting up an academic unit researching atrial fibrillation. This is an irregular cardiac rhythm that starts in the atria, leading to irregular ventricular rhythms which may have adverse consequences such as palpitations (when the patient can feel an irregular heart beat, possibly accompanied by tightness in the chest, shortness of breath and dizziness or light-headedness) or even heart failure.
This promises to be a fascinating and most interesting evening for HeartBeat members and guests.


Thursday 7th May - Guest Speaker – Malcolm Wells MBE

Hopefully none of us will ever have to know what it would be like to be totally reliant on a partner to open a door, pick up a fallen object, answer the phone, warn of danger etc.
But if that day should ever come and when that partner is not a wife, husband or a relation, then who can we turn to? Well, for some they are lucky enough to have a canine partner.

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Malcolm Wells MBE of Canine Partners will be describing how these loving and wonderful dogs can be of such support to the disabled in so many ways. He will go through their exceptional training from pups to become their owner’s four- legged lifelines (sadly, he is not allowed to bring any of the ‘partners’ to his talks). There is of course another ‘event’ happening on 7th May but hopefully this talk will take your mind off other important national matters before going home and staying up till 4 in the morning for the results!!!


Thursday 4th June - Guest Speaker - Neville Lyons -THE JOE LYONS STORY

Many of us will fondly remember, long before the days of Costa Coffee or Starbucks, about the only place you could get a cup of tea and a ‘fancy’ was at a J. Lyons teashop.
The most famous of these was on the corner of The Strand. The Lyons Teashops, the Corner Houses and, of course, the Nippy waitresses have become part of social history.
But this is only part of the story.

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Our speaker is Neville Lyons whose grandfather and Sir Joseph Lyons were first cousins. Although Neville was not personally involved with the company business, this relationship was a driving force towards the research that led to the talk.

We shall hear about all the main activities throughout the history of the company which includes amusing anecdotes and many surprises along the way. A little bit of history that we are sure will appeal to many of you.



Upcoming Events and Future Speakers for 2015


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