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Here is just a quick reminder of what's coming up in the first quarter of 2014:-


Thursday April 3rd - Speaker

TRACEY BRADSHAW - Heart Failure Specialist Nurse

We are pleased to welcome Tracey back to HeartBeat Support. She is, of course, not unfamiliar to many of us as the ward manager in CCU for some time before moving on to her specialist role in the Cardiology department. She also assisted Paul Wills when they came to us last year to deliver the talk on CPR and resuscitation.

Tracey will be talking about heart failure and how steps can be taken to avoid its onset. She will also be telling us how mortality can be reduced if patients are rapidly and accurately assessed and treatment modalities instigated.

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St. Peter’s Hospital Heart Failure Service has been set up to support a high standard of care and treatment for all in-patients with a diagnosis of heart failure. The service is supported by Cardiology Consultants with a specialist interest in heart failure, an excellent award winning cardiac investigations department, a dedicated palliative care team, and a variety of other multidisciplinary team members that contribute to the success of the service.

The introduction of acute heart failure pathways will ensure prompt assessment,
appropriate treatment and investigations, advice on signs and symptom management,
tailored discharge planning, and follow-up support with the aim to reduce re-admissions and mortality.



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