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 Material Rules - Weapons 
  1. Characteristics Common to all Weapons


There are three types of weapon: foil, épée, sabre.

All weapons are authorised providing only that they conform to these regulations and to the saftey standards which are annexed.

The weapon should be constructed so that it cannot normally injure either the user or an opponent. All methods of treating a blade between the guard and the tip (button), by grinding, filing or other methods, are forbidden.

Sharpening the edges or angles of the point is forbidden.

  1. General Description


All weapons are composed of the following parts:

  1. A flexible steel blade with a button at the point and with a tang at the other end on which the guard and hilt are mounted.

  2. A grip which surrounds the tang of the blade, which is fixed by a locking nut or by any other means, and that enables the fencer to hold the weapon. It may be composed of one or several parts: in the later case it is divided into a handle (which is normally held in the hand) and a pommel (rear portion of the hilt which locks the handle onto the tang).

  3. A metal guard fixed between the blade and the hilt, serving to protect the sword hand (the convex face towards the point).

FIE  m.1-2