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 Fencing Rules - Glossary 
  1. Competitions

  1. Assaults and Bouts


A friendly combat between two fencers is called an assault. When the score of such an assault is kept to determine a result it is called a bout.

  1. Match


The aggregate of the bouts fought between the fencers of two different teams is called a match.

  1. Competition


A competition is the aggregate of the bouts (individual competitions) or of the matches (team competitions) required to determine the winner of the event.

Competitions are distinguished by weapons, the competitor's gender, their age and by the fact that they are for individuals or for teams.

  1. Championship


A championship is the name given to a competition held to determine the best fencer or the best team at each weapon for a federation, for a specific region or for the world and for a specific period of time.

FIE  t.2-5