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 Fencing Rules - Displacing the Target  
  1. Displacing the Target and Passing the Opponent


Displacing the target and ducking are allowed even if during the action the unarmed hand comes into contact with the piste.

It is forbidden to turn one’s back on one’s opponent during the bout. Should such an offence occur, the Referee will penalise the fencer at fault as specified in Articles t.114, t.116, t.120, Offences and Penalties, and any hit scored by the fencer is annulled.

When a fencer passes his opponent during a bout, the Referee must immediately call ‘Halt’ and replace the competitors in the positions which they occupied before the passing took place.

When hits are made as a fencer passes his opponent, the hit made immediately is valid; a hit made after passing his opponent by the fencer who has made the passing movement is annulled, but the hit made immediately, even when turning around, by the fencer who has been subject to the offensive action, is valid.

If during a bout a fencer who has made a fleche attack has a hit registered against them and they continue to run beyond the extreme limit of the piste sufficiently far to cause the spool or the connecting line to the spool to be torn out, the hit which they have received will not be annulled (cf. t.103 Refusal to award a hit actually made).

FIE  t.21