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 Fencing Rules - Disciplinary Rules For Competitions 
  1. Persons subject to these Rules


The regulations laid down in this part apply to all persons who take part in, or who are present in any capacity whatsoever at an international fencing competition (organisers, officials, referees, fencers, auxiliary personnel, team captains, trainers, spectators, etc.), whatever their nationality.

  1. Maintenance of Order and Discipline


Fencers must observe strictly and faithfully the Rules and the Statutes of the FIE, the particular rules for the competition in which they are engaged, the traditional customs of courtesy and integrity and the instructions of the officials.

In particular they will subscribe, in an orderly, disciplined and sporting manner, to the following provisions; all breaches of these rules may entail punishments by the competent disciplinary authorities after, or even without, prior warning, according to the facts and circumstances (cf. t.113-t.120 Offences and Penalties).

Everybody taking part in or present at a fencing competition must remain orderly and must not disturb the smooth running of the competition. During bouts no one is allowed to go near the pistes, to give advice to the fencers, to criticise the Referee or the judges, to insult them or to attempt to influence them in any way. Even the team captains must remain in the space assigned to them and they may only intervine in the situations and in the manner provided for in Article t.90 of the Rules. The Referee must stop immediately any activity which disturbs the smooth running of the bout which they are refereeing (cf t.96 The Referee).

Smoking in competition halls is forbidden. Smoking will be considered as a disturbance of the smooth running of the competition (cf. t.83).

Any breach of the rules will be punished as laid down in Articles t.114, t.118, t.120.


The Referee and/or the Directoire Technique, on their own authority or at the request of an official delegate of the FIE or of the Organising Committee, can decide to expel from the competition venue, with or without warning, any person who by their gestures, attitude or language disturbs the good order or smooth running of the event.

FIE  t.81-83