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 Fencing Equipment: Basic Kit 

The minimum fencing equipment required to take part in club fencing is:

Mask. A plastic material resistant to impact insulates the mask internally and externally. It is made with metal meshes. The bib of the mask is made with a highly resistant cloth.

Jacket. This made from resistant cloth and includes a lining that makes a double thickness of material for the sleeve down to the elbow of the sword arm and covering the flank up to the armpit.

Ladiesí equipment must, furthermore, include breast protectors made of metal or some other rigid material.

Glove. The glove is slightly padded. The gauntlet of the glove must, in all circumstances, fully cover approximately half the forearm of the fencerís sword arm to prevent the opponentís blade entering the sleeve of the jacket.

Foil. The maximum length of a foil is 110cm and it weighs less than 500g. The blade has a rectangular section and is made of smooth steel and is no longer than 90cm. The point is blunted and has a plastic button that covers it to protect against any injury. The blade must be as straight as possible.

 Basic Kit   
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