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 Fencing Grade 4 - Foil 

Grade 4


Demonstrate: (with coach or partner)


While following your partner's steps forward and backward


  1. Continuously change engagements in high line and low line guards

  2. Maintain lunging distance with blades engaged and when your partner pauses, attack by One-two with a lunge

  3. When your partner attacks with a lunge, Parry with:

    1. Circular Party of Sixte with Direct and Indirect Ripostes

    2. Circular Parry of Quarte with Direct and Indirect Ripostes

  4. Maintain lunging distance and when your partner pauses and lowers his/her foil point, make a feint Direct and Disengage with a lunge, when your partner:

    1. Parries into Sixte

    2. Parries into Quarte


From a stationary position:


  1. Double, Low-High and High-Low compound attacks, with an accelerating lunge

  2. Direct and Disengage attacks with Beats and Change-beats, with an explosive lunge

  3. Successive Parries




  1. Scoring on a pool sheet; first and second indicators

    1. Electric foil recording apparatus

    2. Fencers electrical equipment

    3. Testing the equipment before the start of a fight

    4. A foil test weight and how it is used

  2. The correct responses of a judge, and demonstrate your ability to judge in a pool