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 Fencing Grade 3 - Foil 

Grade 3


Demonstrate: (with coach or partner)


While following your partner's steps forward and backward


  1. Maintain engagements in Sixte, Quarte, Septime & Octave (see Skills:Guards)

  2. Disengage Attack with a lunge from Sixte each time your partner pauses and attempts to engage blades in:-

    1. Sixte from a low line guard

    2. Quarte from a low line guard


From a stationary position:


  1. Two types of lunge:

    1. accelerating

    2. explosive

  2. Balestra - Balestra step forward - Balestra lunge

  3. Beats and change Beats in Sixte, Quarte, Septime & Octave

  4. Semi-circular Parries with Direct Ripostes

  5. A One-two Attack with an accelerating lunge when your partner attempts to:-

    1. Engage blades in Quarte then parries into Sixte

    2. Engage blades in Sixte then parries into Quarte




  1. Simple Attacks and Ripostes, and name three types of Parries (see Rules:Offensive and Defensive Actions)

  2. Difference between Simple and Compound actions (see Rules:Offensive Actions)

  3. Duties of Referee and Judges

  4. Timekeeping during competitions

  5. Rules regarding the boundaries of the Piste (see Rules:Limits of the Piste)