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 Fencing Grades 

The grades are awarded by the British Fencing Association (BFA).

The scheme is available to all who take part in fencing.

Nine awards for each weapon provide incentive for the progressive learning of fencing skills and theory.

Fencers who wish to progress beyond Grade 3 at any weapon must be individual members of the BFA.

Who can Issue Awards

  • Club Leaders may award Grade 1 Foil

  • Club Coaches may award up to Grade 3 at the weapons for which they are qualified

  • County Coaches may award up to Grade 6 at their weapons

  • Regional and Senior coaches may award Grades 1-9 at their weapons

  • Awards may be adapted for disabled fencers

BFA Achievement Awards are recognised by other organisations and can be included in Duke of Edinburgh Awards, requirements for the Stunt Register, Scouts and Guides Associations awards etc.

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