Cambridge Kulcha Listing

A listing of early music in Cambridge, UK, with a few other selected items of note, with a page of Musical links and Where shall I eat?
Notes for this listing can be found at the bottom.

Sat 5 Dec10:30 Mill Road Fair
Mill Road Winter Fair various
Sun 6 Dec15:00 Saffron Hall, Saffron Walden Baroque
Baroque Trumpet Music Alison Balsom London Chamber Orchestra
Corelli, Tartini, JSBach, Geminiani, Albinoni, Vivaldi & Handel
Sat 12 Dec19:00 St John's CC Baroque
Messiah by candlelight Eboracum Baroque Handel
in aid of Cancer Research UK.
Sat 12 Dec19:30 West Road Baroque
Magnificats Collegium Laureatum Zelenka, CPEBach, Kuhnau, Telemann
Fri 18 Dec19:30 Gt St Mary's Medieval CEM Sing We Yule! Joglaresa 4. traditional carols, lullabies, dance tunes & wassails from Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales
Sun 20 Dec19:30 Saffron Hall, Saffron Walden Renaissance
The Virgin Mother & Child The Sixteen Plainsong, Trad., Tallis, Tavener, Ord, MacMillan, Jackson, Byrd, Lambe, Skempton, Pygott, Roth, Phillips & Parsons
Fri 26 Feb19:30 Emmanuel URC Renaissance CEM Scattered Ashes Magnificat 5. Josquin & Byrd
Sat 27 Feb19:30 Saffron Hall, Saffron Walden Baroque
Dixit Dominus The Sixteen Handel anthems & overtures
Fri 18 Mar20:00 Wimpole Hall Baroque
Purcell & Handel Eboracum Baroque
Sat 19 Mar19:30 St Bene't's Baroque CEM L'Entente Cordiale Richard Boothby & Christope Coin 6. Music for 2 viola da gamba
Sun 20 Mar19:30 Saffron Hall, Saffron Walden Baroque
Stabat Mater The English Concert Pergolesi + Scarlatti, Vivaldi & Albinoni
Sun 27 Mar

Movable Feast

Sun 27 Mar01:00 Britain Summer Time
British Summer Time starts
Clocks go forward an hour.
Sun 10 Apr19:30 Saffron Hall, Saffron Walden Baroque
Magnificat & Cantate Bach Collegium Japan JSBach
Thu 12 May20:00 St John's CC Renaissance CEM - FoV Light & Shadow Vox Luminis 7. Music at the time of Elizabeth I
Fri 13 May13:00 St Bene't's Renaissance CEM - FoV Old & New The Gesualdo Six 8. Monteverdi, Gesualdo & Ligeti
Fri 13 May19:30 Trinity CC Baroque CEM - FoV Bach Motets Voces8 9. plus Gabrieli, Praetorius & Mendelssohn
Sat 14 May15:30 Lt St Mary's Medieval CEM - FoV Conductus Three Medieval Tenors 10. The forgotten song of the Middle Ages
Sun 15 May13:00 Jesus CC Renaissance CEM - FoV Lassus Voces8 11. Lectiones - Job of 1565
Sun 15 May19:30 Howard Theatre, Downing Classical CEM - FoV Songs James Gilchrist & Anna Tilbrook 12. Schubert, Haydn & Beethoven.
Tenor & fortepiano.
Mon 16 May
Sat 21 May

Jesus Green Beer CAMRA Cambridge Beer Festival

Sat 25 Jun19:30 Wesley Methodist Church Renaissance CEM Sound House The Society of Strange & Ancient Instruments 13. The musical experiments of philosopher Francis Bacon
Sun 31 Jul
Sun 7 Aug

Cambridge Summer School CEM Baroque Summer School various
Sun 7 Aug
Sat 13 Aug

Cambridge Summer School CEM Renaissance Summer School various
Sun 30 Oct02:00 Britain
Summer Time

British Summer Time ends
Clocks go back an hour.


The information here is liable to be updated at short notice, as events are discovered, often hanging from church railings.
It is the intention that this provides as complete a listing of early music in Cambridge as I can manage.
Please follow the links to the original information, which may be more accurate.
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