Werewolves of Burbank - By Martin Ross
(Rockford/X File)
It's only 8 a.m., and Jim's already got a murder, a mobster, a monster, Doug Chapman, and a couple of feds named Mulder and Scully on his doorstep. DOWNLOAD

A Good Cigar is a Smokescreen - By Martin Ross
When a homicidal conman plots the perfect crime, it's up to Jim and Lt. Columbo to outwit the killer - and each other. DOWNLOAD

Hazzard Pursuit - By Lisa Philbrick
(Rockford/Dukes of Hazzard)
Well, those Duke Boys have found themselves another mess, this time with a big-city private eye named Rockford to lend a hand... DOWNLOAD

Mafia Mix-up - By Gabe Bennett
Angel drags Jim into a fight for his life. DOWNLOAD

Steele Bars and White Lace - By Lisa Ann Richardson and K. Patrick Glover
(Rockford/Columbo/Remington Steele)

Jim Rockford and Lt. Columbo join forces with dashing '70s private eye Remington Steele to catch the White Lace Slasher. DOWNLOAD