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Moving using the TurboCAD Move command ~ Mirror ~ Offfset Tool

53. TurboCAD Move
Select the entity - click Reference Point to pick up - release - Move entity with the mouse - snap into place (or click to drop)

54. Moving entities in TurboCad
There are three basic ways to move things with precision and control over where they land others are not so accurate and lead to problems:
a. Select the object and change its x,y,z location in the Inspector Bar (IB) fields. The only issue with that is that the default reference point for any object is its centre of extents. In your example that means to raise the foundation to sit on the grade your target z-location would be half its actual height. That can be overcome by changing the objects reference point.
b. Select the object, move its reference point to a handy corner or edge by pressing 'D' if necessary. Pick up the object by the Reference Point and snap it into place.
c. Use the Assemble tools.

55. Placing an object accurately: Here's one way to place an object in a precise location with respect to another object (e.g., a doorknob with respect to a door): Move the door's Reference Point to a suitable location, such as one corner. Move the knob's RP to a suitable location (such as the centre of the base of the escutcheon plate). This operation may require you to create some temporary lines, circles, or whatever, to provide something you can snap to. Set your Selector 3D Coordinate Systems to User|User. (Access these settings by clicking "Selector 3D Properties" on the Inspector Bar (IB).) Select the door and click the "Set UCS by Selector" button on the Inspector Bar, thereby resetting the door's reported location to (0,0,0). Select the knob and enter the desired coordinates in the PosX, PosY, and PosZ fields.
If this degree of precision isn't required, simply drag the knob to a place that looks right. Look at it from several different viewpoints while doing so. HOH

56. X, Y co-ordinates
Q: How do I move an object by typing in the x and y distances?
Ans: Select the object that you want to move, Tab key to the Inspector Bar, Tab to the position fields, Enter the new co-ordinates and press 'Enter'.

57. Nudging the Cursor.
Nudging with arrow keys on right hand number pad. Just make sure "Num Lock" is lit, and the rightmost arrow keys (4,8,6,2) will move the cursor in very small amounts. WV

69. Max Edge Length means that the sides of triangles that make up the drawings are whatever you set it up to be. I tried to make Max Length at 0.001" and it took forever to render and I hit ESC and stopped it. I think I used Surface at 0.001" and Normal Tolerance at 5 and Max Length at 0 if I remember correctly. Try these settings and then save as a *.stl file then look and see if holes are round etc. Experiment. All this I learned when I had a rapid prototype model made from my *.stl files. (JB)

72. Mirror Copy:
I can't even get a simple mirror copy to work as per the help-text. It says: "select an object". I select a spline.
It says: "activate mirror tool". I do. It says: "select either two points or one point and an angle." I never get there. The status bar says "select an object to edit". JN
Ans: Make sure that the Select arrow is active to make sure no other tool is active.
Select the object you wish to mirror copy first.
Then click Mirror Copy.
You will be invited to snap to the 'mirroring line' using two snap points. GM
This is not your fault. The instructions are misleading. HOH

79. Offset tool not working?
got my offset tool to work again (for v11 Deluxe) by following this advice:
FROM IMSI: "Hello, Most likely you have an unregistered Offset tool. You should do the following:
1. Exit from TurboCAD.
2. Find in Program subfolder of the folder where TurboCAD was installed TCOffset.dll and register it with regsvr32.exe –
Click Start button in Windows menu Select Run item Enter regsvr32 "Path to TCOffset.dll", for example:
regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\IMSI\TCW11\Program\TCOffset.dll"
Click OK After that message will appears "DllRegisterServer in succeeded. Start TurboCAD"
Another fix for ver 14
Offset Tool Doesn't Work
If you have ever had problems getting the offset tool to select certain kinds of lines you will know how frustrating this is.
For a long time it seemed that when I started a new drawing the offset tool would work as expected. But, as the drawing progressed it would seem that increasingly the offset tool just wouldn't select a type of line which it had worked fine on a moment before. I finally called TurboCAD tech support and talked to both Mike O. and Rip F. both were great and very helpful.
I learned that the offset tool is sensitive to any of the snaps being selected even if "no snaps" is turned on.
I made sure to turn off all of the snaps or to deselect each of the snaps and lo and behold the offset tool worked again.
Just want to publicly say thanks to Rip and Mike and to post this work-a-round for anyone else who has been frustrated by the offset tool.
Jeff D Levis

Edit Offset
I am trying out the EDIT OFFSET tool but have found that I am getting irregular results.
In the attached example, I took the cyan line and did edit offset using a distance of .06" to create the green line.
However, the offset is not uniform throughout. (Yellow circle is a reference and the red rectangles show places of wide deviation).
How can I make this work.  BG
There's nothing you can do about that. However, here's a way to circumvent that problem: Make a copy of the original and put it on an invisible layer. Explode the Spline, converting it into a Polyline. Make an offset copy of that. Select the offset copy and use Format|Convert to Curve, entering a fairly small "tolerance value." (0.001" works pretty well in your example.) The result is still a Bezier rather than a Spline. Delete the Polyline, whose usefulness is over.
BTW, I strongly recommend a higher Precision. I use 10.  HOH

71. 2D Subtract:
In TurboCAD ver 11 Deluxe 2D Subtract, subtracts only one at a time. In the Pro version only may you select multiple entities to subtract? The manual does not show this. DC

52. Dimensioned entities may be drawn on a separate layer over the 3d model, A new viewport is then created, and inserted into paper space, dimensioned and then these layers are turned off. (WM)


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