Parks Constabularies

Barking & Dagenham Parks Constabulary

This was the first patch worn by this Constabulary, and an unusual style! This is another London borough which has added a Parks Constabulary.

Brighton Parks Police



How about this rarity shoulder patch worn by Officers of the Brighton Parks Police, located on England's South Coast in Sussex.



Greenwich Parks Constabulary


This is a very short lived Constabulary which is now sadly defunct.

Hammersmith & Fulham

This is the most recent London Borough to adopt a Parks Constabulary, and has gone for an unusual variation on the familiar bell shape. Also, the colours used are a first (this is a poor scan, but the patch is maroon). This unit boasts (in my opinion) one of the finest cap badges worn by any U.K. Law enforcement agency. The chequered band worn on their caps is also in different colours and coupled with the fine cap badge is somewhat impressive!

The new patch featured here is larger than depicted.


Hampstead Heath 




Haringey Parks Constabulary


This is the latest patch to appear from one of the new London Borough Parks Constabularies, which is also now defunct.

Newham Parks Constabulary


Note the new patch on the right- the 'Neighbourhood Patrol' patch! This patch is issued with a velcro backing, when the Officers leave the confines of the Parks & open spaces that they patrol, they put this patch onto their uniforms. Otherwise, they still use the normal Constabulary patch on the left. This must be a world first!

Redbridge Parks Police


Royal Botanical Gardens Constabulary

This is the recent offering from the Royal Botanical Gardens Constabulary, now re-named plain old Kew Constabulary.


Royal Borough Of Kensington & Chelsea Parks Police

Royal Parks Constabulary


Southwark Parks Constabulary

Wow! Take a look at this rarest of the rare- the only existing patch known from this now defunct agency. Southwark is a London Borough located to the south of the capital, and covers areas such as Camberwell, Dulwich & Peckham. My deepest appreciation is extended to John Davidson (ex Parks Officer) for allowing me the chance to add this rarity to my collection!

Sutton Parks Constabulary

This was another very short lived Constabulary which is now sadly defunct.

Wandsworth Parks Police




Thanks to John Bannerman for the above patch

Note that there are 2 slight variations of this patch, one with silver and the other with white crest & lettering.

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