The Junior Leaders Regiment RA

JLRRA Bramcote BarracksThis is an aerial view of the training camp. It used to be an old Air Force base but was taken over by the Army and is now the base for the Junior Leaders  Regiment Royal Artillery, where they train new recruits to be the Army's future NCO's and warrant officers.
This is the main gate to the camp and shows a picture of the headquarters building and the gate house, housing the guard room and jail opposite.Jail house & Hq
my roomThis shot shows the guys from my room

 I'm front and center.

Here are some of the guys, if memory serves me right this photo was taken during a mass dig out before a room inspection, one of many. I'm the one in the front.

The Lads

The Lads

Another shot of me and some of the guys prating around. I'm in the middle, polishing my boots.
This photo shows me in number 2 dress probably ready for drill practice in readiness for pass out parade.

Dressed to Thrill

Posing DudeHere you see me posing, this photo must be have been taken mid term as I'm very relaxed, note also the red stripe on my right arm (promotion)
Here I'm dressed ready for a run probably a BFT or a tryout at the assault course.BFT kit
This was just before pass out parade. Families and friends were invited to look around the barracks and watch the parade.


Goschen Day Parade Program

Another photo before pass out parade.                                                             
and a another photo before pass out parade.                                                             
Here is the band doing its thing before the main event.
A spot of practice before we start.
On parade ready to go to the armory to collect the weapons and the nice shiny bayonets.
This maneuver is a left form and is quite difficult to perform.
Notice how straight the ranks are. (it took weeks of practice)
This is my troop (Ironside) approaching the podium in quick time. I'm in the middle rank second one in.
I'm not sure which troop this was but here they are approaching the podium in slow time.
Here we see the band on station ready to play the troops on.
This is after the parade following the hat throwing which is I believe a tradition. When you have finally marched off the parade square behind a large white wall, the whole of the parade lets out a cheer and everyone throws their peak hats into the air (making sure they at not spiked on the fitted bayonets).
This is the front cover of the Christmas cards which you could buy on camp for Xmas 1979.

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