The Day that Shook the World

'May 14th [1948], David Ben Gurion is creating history. At 4 o'clock this afternoon, when he reads these words aloud, he will change world politics for ever. In this simple text lies a dream of the Jewish people that has endured 2000 years of exile. It is the Declaration of the State of Israel. Yet the nation may not survive the day. All around him powerful forces are working to obtruct or destroy his fledgling nation. In neighbouring Jordan, King Abdullah heads an alliance of five Arab nations to strangle Israel at birth. He [Ben Gurion] is defying the United Nations, who have their own plans for the Middle East. Civil war rages across the country. The British Empire, which has played peacekeeper for thirty years, is leaving. His only hope lies in Washington. With the backing of President Truman Israel might have a chance to survive.' ('The Birth of Israel, May 14th 1948', Days that Shook the World, BBC2, 14 January 2004)


In February 1998, almost exactly fifty years after David Ben Gurion read the Declaration of the State of Israel to the Jewish Council in Tel Aviv, another 'Declaration' was read by Osama Bin Laden - The Declaration of the World Islamic Front for Jihad against the Jews and the Crusaders - calling upon all Muslims to wage a 'Holy War' against Jews and 'Crusaders', i.e., Americans and their allies, 'until the El-Aqsa Mosque (in Jerusalem) and the Haram Mosque (in Mecca) are freed from their grip'.

Three years later, on 11 September 2001, Bin Laden's organization, the dreaded Al Qaeda, masterminded the destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, DC, by having suicide volunteers hijack three commercial airlines and fly them into those buildings. This abominable event has gone down in history as 9/11.

On 20 November 2003 the British Consulate and the HSBC bank in Istanbul, Turkey, were destroyed by suicide bombers. A man claiming to be from the Turkish Great Orient Raiders of the Eastern Front (TGOREF) telephoned the semi-official Anatolian Press and coldly informed them that the TGOREF and Bin Laden's Al Qaeda group had jointly carried out the attacks. The mysterious voice then added these sinister words: 'Our attacks against Masonic targets will continue. Muslims are not alone.'1

And on 25 January 2003 the controversial north London Muslim spiritual leader Sheikh Abu Hamza al Masri expressed this strange view to the Independent:
I am not saying every American government figure knew about this [11 September]. But there are a few people [in the US government] who want to trigger a third world war. They are sponsored by the business lobby. Most of them are Freemasons, and they have loyalty to the Zionists.
On 10 March 2004, the BBC News reported that
A suicide attack on a Masonic lodge in the Turkish city of Istanbul has left one person dead and five injured ... The BBC's Jonny Dymond in Istanbul says ... the highly secretive international society of Masons is seen by radical Islamic groups as a supporter of the policies of Israel and the United States.

One of the bombers reportedly chanted 'God is great' before detonating his device ... (another) assailant, who identified himself as Abdullah Islam, shouted, 'Down with the Israeli lodge' (Guardian Unlimited, 10 March 2004)
These threats, accusations and attacks against Freemasons coupled with the language used by Bin Laden in his declaration of holy war against 'Jews and Crusaders' and a call to liberate the holy El-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem send a chilling message. We saw in Chapter 15 that on the site where the El-Aqsa Mosque stands today once stood the Temple of Solomon, which lent its name to the legendary Knights Templar, who, according to many Masonic researchers, were the precursors of the British Freemasons2 and, more especially, the Scottish Rite Masons who are headquartered in Washington, DC. Indeed, probably the most important symbol representing the ideal of Freemasonry is the Temple of Solomon and its 'rebuilding' in a spiritual manner. We saw in Chapter 15 how the entrances of many Masonic temples and lodges are usually flanked by two pillars representing those of Solomon's temple called Boaz and Jachin - meaning 'wisdom' and 'power' - and how Scottish Rite Freemasonry, particularly the type practised in America, sees itself as a sort of neo-Crusading order modelled on the Knights Templar.

This, then, begs the following questions: could Al Qaeda be seeing America as a Masonic-Crusading power whose occupying force in the Middle East is Israel? And was 9/11 an expression of this belief? Does 9/11 have a direct link to Al Qaeda's 'declaration' to liberate the holy Muslim shrine of El-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock? And, more sinisterly, was 9/11 an attack on 'The Temple of Solomon'?

A Question of Degrees

The Scottish Rite is an elite branch of Freemasonry known as the Supreme Council of the Thirty-third Degree. It was founded in 1801 at the city of Charleston in South Carolina. Its origins are obscure, but it is generally agreed by Masonic historians that it started in the 1740s in the city of Bordeaux, France, and brought to the American Colonies soon after. The idea was to link the normal or 'craft' Freemasonry with the elitist medieval order of the Knights Templar, a powerful political and financial organization that was originally formed to protect the Holy Land - and especially Jerusalem - from the Muslims. The Knights Templar got their evocative name from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the site of Solomon's Temple, where the Christian knights established their first camp during the Crusades. Jerusalem had been wrenched from the Muslims in the eleventh century, and the new Christian 'Kingdom of Jerusalem' was placed under the protection of the Christian knights, mostly Knights Templar, who had sworn a solemn oath to protect it. In 1187 the Holy Land was lost again to the Muslims, when the army of Saladin crushed the Knights' Templar army at the battle of Hattin on 4 July. The Christian kingdom of Jerusalem eventually surrendered to Saladin in October 1187, and from that time onwards the holy city remained more or less in Muslim hands until it was occupied by Israel in the 1967 War.

Not unexpectedly, the rituals of Scottish Rite Freemasonry are intensely 'Judaic', and those of the top degrees between the Thirtieth and the Thirty-third are intensely 'Templar', advocating the 'symbolic rebuilding' of the Temple of Solomon. Today two Muslim shrines stand on the site of the Temple: the Dome of the Rock and the El-Aqsa Mosque, Islam's most sacred site, where the Prophet Mohamed is believed to have ascended to paradise. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is thus Islam's most venerated place, and for many Muslims it is even more sacred than the Kaaba at Mecca. This site, however, is also the Jews' most venerated place, but for very different reasons. It is their Mount Zion, site of the all-important Temple of Solomon, which housed the Tabernacle and the Ten Commandments. It has the sacred Wailing Wall and is the focus of Jewish messianic hopes. Central to the Scottish Rite rituals are the so-called 'tracing boards', which are types of sheets or rugs placed on the floor of the lodge on which the secret initiations are performed. On many of these tracing boards can be seen symbols that supposedly represent the 'Temple of Solomon', the most prominent being two tall pillars, Jachin and Boaz, and a five-pointed star or pentagon in the epicentre of the 'temple'. It may thus be more than mere coincidence that the targets chosen by Al Qaeda were the two towers at the 'entrance' of America (i.e., New York) and the Pentagon, the epicentre of American power.

The Semblance of a 'Zionist-Masonic Conspiracy'

It is well known that many presidents of the United States have been sworn Freemasons, including George Washington. These include the two presidents who had an involvement in the creation of the modern state of Israel: Franklin D. Roosevelt and, more directly, Harry S. Truman. Roosevelt was sworn in as the Thirty-second President of the United States in 1933. A weird coincidence would have it that he was also sworn in as a Thirty-second Degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite. Harry Truman was sworn in as Thirty-third President of the United States in 1945. By another weird coincidence, he was sworn in as a Thirty-third Degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite. In this respect, the 'Thirty-second and Thirty-third Degrees' could bear a curious apparent relevance to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. In the Scottish Rite the Thirty-second Degree ritual derives its name from the so-called thirty-two 'Paths of Wisdom' found in the cabalistic Sephiroth, or Tree of Life. The Cabala is a complex mystical Jewish system of initiation based on the belief in a coded 'language of God' the key of which was handed to Moses and passed on to the Jewish rabbis. The twenty-two letters of the Jewish alphabet link up with ten 'emanations' of God to make up the thirty-two Paths. Jewish mystics thus believe that the Temple of Solomon was designed from a divinely inspired plan based on these mystical ideas. Bearing this in mind, it has been remarked that on some Scottish Rite 'certificates' the actual geographical location of the issuing lodge is given in degrees of latitude alongside the name of the lodge, which could be an indication of some sort of mystical connection between the 'Degrees' of the Masonic rituals and the degrees of latitude of the lodge. The geographical latitude of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount lies between the thirty-first and thirty-second degree parallels, with the latter passing just north of the holy city. It has also been remarked that the 'Mother Lodge' of the Scottish Rite Supreme Council of the Thirty-third Degree was located in the city of Charleston in South Carolina probably because the thirty-third degree parallel passes almost right through it. Whether all this is pure coincidence or not is very difficult to prove, but it can easily be seen how some radical thinkers may perceive in all this a huge conspiracy involving elite American Scottish Rite Freemasons and the creation of the modern state of Israel which, as we shall see, was masterminded by the Zionist Organization and US Presidents Roosevelt and Truman in 1942-8.

It is reported that when President Roosevelt met with his Treasury Secretary Hans Morgenthau on 3 December 1942, he made these extraordinary comments regarding the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine:
I actually would put a barbed wire around Palestine, and I would begin to move the Arabs out of Palestine ... Each time we move out an Arab we would bring in another Jewish family ... 90 per cent of them should be Jews ... It would be an independent nation just like any other nation - completely independent. Naturally, if there are 90 per cent Jews, the Jews would dominate the government.3
The Letter that Stunned the World

According to the recent BBC2 programme 'The Birth of Israel' (which we have quoted from at the beginning of this Appendix), during the early hours of 14 May 1948 the Zionist leader David Ben Gurion was still giving the finishing touches to the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel, which he would soon read to the Jewish Council in Tel Aviv. Let us note in passing that the population of Palestine at that time was just over two million souls, of which only some 30 per cent were Jews; the rest were mostly Muslims, with a small number of Christians. Civil war between Muslims and Jews had broken out, and at first it looked like the Jews would be overwhelmed by an Arab military alliance formed by Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon.

At 4 p.m. Ben Gurion read the Declaration, which started with the words:
The land of Israel was the birthplace of the Jewish people. Here this spiritual, religious and national identity was formed. Here they achieved independence and created a culture of national and universal significance. Here they wrote and gave the Bible to the world.
The Declaration goes on to state:

Accordingly, we, the members of the National Council, representing the Jewish people in Palestine and the Zionist movement of the world, met together in solemn assembly today, the day of the termination of the British mandate for Palestine, by virtue of the natural and historic right of the Jewish people and of the Resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations. We hereby proclaim the establishment of the Jewish State in Palestine, to be called ISRAEL ... The State of Israel will be open to the immigration of Jews from all countries of their dispersion; will promote the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants; will be based on the precepts of liberty, justice and peace taught by the Hebrew Prophets ... our call goes out to the Jewish people all over the world to rally to our side in the task of immigration and development and to stand by us in the great struggle for the fulfilment of the dream of generations - the redemption of Israel. With trust in Almighty God, we set our hand to this Declaration, at this Session of the Provisional State Council, in the city of Tel Aviv, on this Sabbath eve, the fifth of Iyar, 5708, the fourteenth day of May, 1948.
In the Declaration it was announced that the Jewish state would officially become effective at midnight on 15 May 1948, which marked the deadline of the so-called British Mandate of Palestine. In Washington this would be 6 p.m. EST on 14 May. In Washington, at about the time Ben Gurion was in the process of reading the Declaration in Tel Aviv, Eliahu Epstein, head of the Jewish Agency for Palestine (and now calling himself 'Agent to the Provisional Government of Israel') received a phone call from Mark Clifford,4 the Special Counsel to President Truman, asking him to write a letter immediately to the President asking for the US government to 'recognize and welcome Israel into the community of nations'. Later that same day Epstein sent this telegram to his 'provisional government' in Israel:
A few minutes after the proclamation of a Jewish State in Palestine became effective at 6.01 p.m. EST, Mr Truman issued this statement: 'This Government has been informed that a Jewish State has been proclaimed in Palestine, and recognition has been requested by the (provisional) Government thereof. The United States recognizes the provisional government as the de facto authority of the new (Jewish) State of Israel.
As the BBC2 programme pointed out, 'Truman's answer stunned the world ... with America leading, the rest of the world followed.'

David Ben Gurion became Israel's first Prime Minister, and Chaim Weizmann, the 'guiding spirit behind the Zionist Organization' living in New York, became its first President. The rest, as they say, is history.

In January 2001 the following newspaper article was circulated by the Associated Press:
George W. Bush to take oath on 234-year-old Masonic Bible: New York City News

A Bible that George Washington used to take the oath of office as the nation's first president will be used by George W. Bush. Three officials of the Manhattan-based St John's Lodge of the Free and Accepted Masons will board an Amtrak liner for Washington, DC, tomorrow. They'll be carrying the nine-pound, 234-year-old King James Bible in a special case. For the sixth time in history, the Bible will be used on Saturday for the swearing in of a US president. George Washington was the first, in 1789. The last was George H. W. Bush, who used the Bible in 1989. Other presidents who have placed their left hand on the Masonic Bible were Warren Harding in 1921, Dwight Eisenhower in 1953, and Jimmy Carter in 1977. The Bible was also displayed at the New York World's Fair in 1964-65.
On 11 September 2001 Al Qaeda struck its major direct blow against the 'Crusaders'.

It may not be the last...