A Certain Ratio

Of all the post-punk funkers at the time, A Certain Ratio have always been - and remain - my favourites.  They were not the only band who had a storming drummer to allow footling indulgences.

Their PPF gig (I remember Maximum Joy there as well) at the Lyceum reminded me strongly of a pragVEC/Spec Records gig at the ICA when John and Sue had just sacked the keyboardist (Jim - Foetus Under Glass) the night before.  They spent the evening footling about on their Wasps (not the insects, but the professional musician’s Stylophone), but Suresh Singh the drummer/percussionist made it all worth while with continuous driving and interesting drumming.

Whilst Suresh was an intricate drummer, Donald Johnson (of ACR) relies more on chops, but has the occasional intricate variation (e.g. the end of the 12” version of Flight where he changes the Hi-Hat). With Donald pumping away on the drums the rest of the band could have done what they liked and it would still have been a great gig. In fact they did, and I can’t remember anything of the evening except for the great man himself.

Still, I gave up on them after the second album owing to an overall lack of interest in the one with the Hacienda cover. I believe they got worse and worse, but like a diamond in the shit “Listen To The Sound” is up there with my all-time favourite magic tracks (tracks I can listen to repeatedly without getting bored).  Who knows what ingredients make it so - musically I’m far more involved in the early stuff.  Still, there you have it, and it’s not really PPF, just music by a band who were once PPF.

Right click to download the Real version of the whole tune (better quality than the above)