Willowlawn the Fortune Teller at Bellemount


(Xanthos Tom Foolery J.W. ex Willowlawn The Gypsy Queen.

Date of birth :- 14th July 2000

Bred by Mrs Chris Ashton


In July 2001, as guests of The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland we made what was for us, an historic and truly memorable visit to Guisachan.

Deep in the idyllic wooded countryside of the Scottish Highlands stand the ruined remains of what was once a beautiful Georgean mansion set in some 200 acres .

In the 19th century Guisachan had been the "Country Seat" of The First Lord Tweedmouth,now proved to be the breeder of the origins of the Golden Retrievers we know today.

So it was that some 40 or so Goldens with owners gathered in the shadow of the ruin, to feel the atmosphere and to walk with our Goldens in the very fields where the history of our lovely breed had its beginnings.

There were no sombre thoughts,on thecontrary ,spirits were high and everyone joined in the "Dog-Based " fun and games .

One popular game was a ' Fun Scurry: '-For this,a dummy was thrown into rough grass some 60 -80 yards in front of the line and dogs released one at a time to retrieve it.

A small prize was given for the fastest retrieve.

Below we show Ghillie's first ever Scurry....
Photos "Kipps"

WOW Isn`t this fun

Here it is Dad