Foxfield Railway Virtual Stocklist
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Wagons at Foxfield Railway

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Open Wagons

Thos Bolton and Sons 10 ton 1 plank open wagon, number 15
MR 5 plank open wagons, nos NCB58 and 46370

BR Pipe wagons, nos  B740418, B740676, B741715

Mineral Wagons

Private Owner 12 ton coal wagon to RCH 1907 design, number NCB151
GWR 12 ton China Clay wagon, last number NCB293

Butterley Co 12 ton Patent steel mineral wagon, number SIS 695
CEGB 20 ton Coal Tippler wagon, number 23
LNER 20 ton Locomotive Coal wagon, number E303255 / NCB20
BR 16 ton Mineral Wagons (quantity 15)

BR 27 Ton iron ore tippler wagon, number B386369
Shelton 12 ton Loco sand wagon, formerly 12/13 ton coal wagon (RCH 1923 design) SIS number 202
National Coal Board 12 ton Tippler Coal Wagon, number 2

Hopper wagons

Shelton 20 ton Coke Hopper wagon, number SIS 969
NCB double hopper wagon, number 16

BR 21 ton hopper wagons nos B425492, B426618, B428094, B428141, B430631, B432199
BR ballast hopper Dogfish no B982307

Bolster, Flat and Well Wagons

English Electric Flat wagon no 1
Shelton Iron & Steel 20 ton Double Bolster wagon no 23

London Underground Bogie Rail Bolster wagon
CEGB 20 ton flat wagons nos 1, 2 and 3, ex tank wagons
C V Buchan flat wagons nos 4 and 5
CEGB flat wagons, ex tank wagons nos 18411, 48521 and 48539
BR 25ton LowmacMS B904696

Covered Vans

MR 8 ton Van no 120400
MR 12 ton Van

LMS 12 ton Ventilated Van, no 117870

LMS 12 ton Ventilated Van, no 500851

Royal Ordnance Factory 7 ton Gunpowder Van M12
BR 12 ton Ventilated Vans nos B765621, B785734 and B780153
BR 12 ton Banana Van no B881724
Shelton Iron & Steel covered vans nos SIS 1, SIS 2, SIS 3 and SIS 4

Tank Wagons

Birchenwood Gas, Coal and Coke Co 14 ton Class B Tank Wagon no 30
Crosfields Tank Wagon No 1
Esso Petroleum Class B Tank Wagon no 48527
Shell Oil Bitumen Tank Wagon no 9823


GWR 20 ton "Toad" Brakevan no 56550
LMS 20 ton Brakevan no 197695 (body only)

LMS 20 ton Brakevan no 732444

SR 25 ton Brakevan no 56120
SR 25 ton Bogie Brakevan no 56300
BR 20 ton Brakevan no B950661


BR 4 ton BD Container (no unknown)

All wagons are 4 wheeled unless otherwise stated.

Below: One of the first demo goods trains at Foxfield, behind Bagnall 0-4-0ST "Hawarden"


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