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Peckett 0-4-0 saddle tank special OY class built 1947, number 2081 "No 11"

Above: Peckett 0-4-0ST "No11" at Shelton in 1994 in the company of YE 0-6-0DE "Ludstone" 

Delivered new in 1947 to the Nechells Gas Works of the City of Birmingham Gas Department, "No11" was built by Peckett & Sons Ltd at the Atlas Locomotive Works in Bristol as a variant on one of their standard designs. The gasworks required a largelocomotive of reduced height and short wheelbase to traverse very sharp curves. "No11" was specially constructedwith a much shorter wheelbase than a standard OY type, plus a slightly dropped cab footplate and a shorter saddletank and dome. These features give "No11" a purposeful but still well proportioned look, with still some family likeness to other Pecketts such as “Henry Cort” and "Ironbridge No1". In 1965 the locomotive was transferred from Nechells to the Swan Village Works in Walsall and worked there until rail operations ceased in 1969. It was then bought privately for preservation, and fully repainted on site. When collected by lorry for transport to Foxfield on 17 August 1969 all that remained of the rail network it had shunted was one track panel outside the engine shed. When delivered to Foxfield Colliery, "No11" was unfortunately unloaded the wrong way round and had to wait a couple of years before the opportunity arose to turn it around, to face up Foxfield bank.

Initially a rather unreliable performer, "No11" changed owners in 1975. It has since been carefully restored and equipped with steam heating equipment, and become a regular performer at Foxfield ever since. "No11" currently carries a black livery lined in red. It has only ventured from the railway twice. The first occasion was for a photographic charter at Shelton Steelworks before the rolling mill closed. In March 2001 "No11" came to the end of its current boiler certificate but just beforehand it took part in an an event at Workington Rolling Mill in company with Robert Heath No.6 and the Beyer Peacock. Since then, "No11" has been on display within the museum building at Caverswall Road station while its owner works on the extensive restoration required to return "Florence No2" to steam.

Above: Peckett 0-4-0ST No11 at WMGB Nechells Gas Works (late Bernard Holland collection)

Technical information:
Steam pressure: 160 lbs
Cylinders: 16in x 22in
Tractive effort:
Wheel diameter: 3' 10"
Coupled wheelbase 5' 6"
Weight in working order: 
Water capacity: 
Coal capacity: 

"No11" is a unique locomotive, but one example of the standard OY class also survives in preservation out of a total of 24 constructed between 1912 and 1955. It is "No1 Caliban" at the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway in Cumbria.

Below: Peckett 0-4-0ST "No11" taking water at Foxfield Colliery in 1979


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