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Foxfield Railway Gala Album - a look back at 2005

Visitors from all over the UK arrived at Foxfield for the 2005 Summer Festival of Steam that took place on 16-17 July. These pictures try to capture the atmosphere of the event, but to really experience it you had to be there! The visiting locomotive in 2005 was NCB No140 among eight locos in steam all weekend. For photographs of the previous Foxfield Steam Gala see the Gala Album archive 2004

Above: Austerity tank at home: coal wagons leave the Colliery yard behind "Wimblebury" on Saturday afternoon

Above: Sure footed on the start of the notorious Foxfield Bank, "Wimblebury" takes its train past the photographers

Above: Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0T NCB No 140 stands in steam at Caverswall Road on 15 July 2005

Above: Many hands, light work: coaling "Lewisham" and the Beyer Peacock at the colliery on Saturday 16 July

Above: Shed scene at Caverswall Road on 15 July featuring (left to right) "Hawarden", "Wimblebury","Whiston" and NCB140

Above: Signalman Ron Whalley watches "Meaford No2" from the box at Caverswall Road on Saturday 16 July 2005

Above: Just time for a quick teabreak for the crew of NCB 140 at Caverswall Road station on 16 July 2005

Above: Piloting the Beyer Peacock 0-4-0ST, the crew of "Lewisham" head a Saturday passenger train at Caverswall Road

Above: Signalman offers the token to the crew of the Beyer Peacock 0-4-0ST as it leaves with "Lewisham" and a passenger train

Above: NCB 140 and "Meaford No2" pass the NSR signalbox at Caverswall Road and enter the yard on Saturday afternoon

Above: NCB 140 and "Meaford No2" climb Foxfield Bank with twelve mineral wagons and brakevan on Saturday afternoon

Above: Plenty of steam while basting up the gradient towards Dilhorne Park on the same train, NCB 140 and "Meaford No2"

Above: Offering assistance at the rear of the brakevan, Beyer Peacock 0-4-0ST and "Lewisham" appear to have little to do...

For photographs of the previous Foxfield Steam Gala see the Gala Album archive 2004

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