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Dubs 0-4-0 crane tank built 1901, number 4101

Above: Dubs 0-4-0CT during a photographic charter at Shelton Works in 1994 
Affectionately known throughout its life as "Dubsy" but never actually named, this locomotive was built by Dubs and Co of Glasgow in 1901 and delivered to the Shelton Iron & Steel Works in Stoke-on-Trent. It remained at Shelton Bar throughout its life and was used on various lifting jobs and rerailing locomotives or wagons that had come off the track. Unlike many Shelton locomotives which endured a hard life on a system of three continuous shifts per day, the crane tank was only required on a single daily shift. The design makes an interesting contrast to "Roker" which was used for similar work. "Dubsy" has a more conventional lifting and slewing mechanism on the crane, which has a single hook and chain. The crane cylinders are 4.5in diameter by 6in stroke, the jib radius is 14 feet 6 inches, and the maximum load is 6 tons. Large dumb buffers are fitted, and photographs show that the locomotive was often seen with an old flat wagon to avoid the overhanging crane jib fouling other stock. "Dubsy" was originally coal fired but was converted to oil firing in 1962. This modification prolonged the useful life of the locomotive, but not by much as it was taken out of regular use in 1968.
Above: Dubs 0-4-0CT at Shelton in the late 1960s (cty Birch Holland Collection BH135/36)
Purchased for preservation in April 1970 by two members of the East Somerset Railway, "Dubsy" was not moved to Somerset until 2 September 1973. The oil burning equipment was removed in 1977 and "Dubsy" returned to service as a coal burner, giving almost nine years of continuous service at Cranmore on shed pilot duties and a lot of lifting work, as the East Somerset Railway was constructing its extension to Mendip Vale. Withdrawn from service for overhaul in 1986, this was never carried out and eventually the owners offered it for sale to private owners at Foxfield to reunite it with ex-Shelton locos such as "Hawarden". In the company of "Hawarden", "Dubsy" returned to Shelton for a memorable couple of steam charters before the rolling mill closed. Although not in steam, some burning rags in the smokebox and judicious posing of the crane jib provided the right illusion.

Above: A comparison of "Roker" and "Dubsy" at Caverswall Road station 
Dismantled for restoration on arrival at Caverswall Road, the  target is to have "Dubsy" steaming again for the Foxfield Gala in 2005. To give some indication of the work required in restoration, the owners have supplied the following summary of progress in early August 2004:
  • Boiler:  fitted a new front section of boiler barrel, new tube plate, new firebox wrapper plates, reconditioned the foundation and fire hole rings, reconditioned the girder stays and replaced the crown stays. The boiler outer shell now passed and is ready to receive the firebox. The material is to hand for a new smokebox. Replacement of the main steam pipe is currently underway.
  • Frames:  over 50 rivets replaced, wheels, journals and cranks machined, with work in progress on the axle boxes. Frames & wheels are finish painted and the valve gear is re fitted.
  • Jib, tanks, etc:  work has yet to begin.
  • Technical information:

    Steam pressure: 160lbs
    Cylinders: 14in x 22in
    Tractive effort: 10,780 lbs (at 75% boiler pressure)
    Wheel diameter: 3' 6"
    Coupled wheelbase 6' 3"
    Weight in working order: 34 tons 4 cwt
    Water capacity: 400 gallons
    Coal capacity: 5 cwt

    Below: The crane assembly from "Dubsy" stands on Shelton double bolster 23, 3 April 2005


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