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Avonside 0-6-0 saddle tank built 1924, number 1919 "No3 Avonside" later "Cranford"

Above: Avonside 0-6-0ST 1919 "Cranford" under restoration at Caverswall Road on 2 April 2006
Originally named simply "No3 Avonside" when delivered new to Staveley Ironworks near Chesterfield, this locomotive had been built in Bristol by the Avonside Engine Co Ltd in 1924. In May 1960 it was moved to Staveley's ironstone quarry at Byfield in Northamptonshire, and in August of that year it was repainted from maroon to a black livery with red couplingand connecting rods. Having been used in tracklifting at Byfield after the quarry closed, the loco moved to Cranford ironstone quarry, also in Northamptonshire, in September 1965, where its name was changed to "Cranford" using the nameplates from a sister Avonside locomotive, works number 1918, which was scrapped. The Cranford quarry closed in early 1970 and the loco was purchased privately for preservation. "Cranford" moved to Foxfield by road in January 1971. After a long period in store "Cranford" changed ownership in 1990 and has since been thoroughly overhauled. Every component has been brought back to first class condition, with the result that a rumour suggests an entirely new locomotive is being constructed from welding rods...  The frames, wheels and motion are now complete, and attention has now turned to the boiler. When completed "Cranford" will be restored to her former glory, with the minor addition of coal rails to increase capacity of the bunker.

Above: Before the boiler went back on... Avonside 0-6-0ST 1919 "Cranford" on 17 July 2004

Above: The quality of finish to the wheels and motion is seen on "Cranford" on 17 July 2004

"Cranford"'s former stablemate, Bagnall 0-6-0ST "Cranford No2" visited Foxfield from the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway for the 1997 Gala. For some details of this locomotive see the short term visitors page or its own webpages at
For modellers who would like to complete a "Cranford" before the prototype is running, a brass kit is available in 4mm and 7mm scales from Agenoria Models.

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