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Central Electricity Generating Board 20 ton flat wagons nos 1, 2 and 3, ex tank wagons

Above: CEGB flat wagon No1 with Steiner crane at Caverswall Road in January 2004 

These three flat wagons used to be tank wagon underframes, all built by Charles Roberts of Wakefield to the RCH 20ton tank specification. They measure 21'6" in length over headstocks and ride on a 12'0" wheelbase unfitted running gear. It is not known which operators or liveries were carried, but they were all registered by the LMS and the registration details have survived. Number 1 was registered by the LMS as 155343 in 1941, number 2 was registered as 165597 in 1939, and number 3 was registered 165606, also in 1939. The underframes still reveal their tank wagon origins due to a line of bolt holes which formerly held the tank securing rods extend diagonally away from the solebar centre line. Also the solebars were painted red, indicating they were class A tanks for carrying petrol or aviation fuel. All three were converted by the removal of their tanks for internal use at Meaford Power Station. Number 1 received a floor of timber planks while numbers 2 and 3 received steel plate floors. The work was presumably carried out by Wagon Repairs Ltd of Stoke, which once maintained the Meaford Tippler wagon fleet (see tippler wagon number 23). As converted the wagons weigh about 7 tons, and were painted black overall with the inscription "CEGB Meaford Power Station Maintenance Department".

The trio was purchased for use at Foxfield and arrived by road on 8 November 1986. They were quickly pressed into service carrying sleepers and rails. Number 1 has been converted to carry a Steiner 6000 hydraulic crane, of the type often fitted to delivery lorries, to ease the handling of concrete sleepers and other awkward items at the trackside.
Below: CEGB flat wagon ex 20ton tank wagon underframe at Dilhorne Park in Sept 2006 


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