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Web Accessibility

A Da2c compilation disc consisting of local (on the CD/DVD) help files seamlessly integrated with remote (server based) help files.

Completely rebuilt to accommodate the new guidelines for Web Accessibility, BS 8878 (British Standards Institute - BS 8878:2010 Web Accessibility Code of Practice released 7th Dec 2010). Based on work done originally for Breakthrough UK in 2007, this disc provides all the information and resources required for building accessible websites. Due to the rapidly changing nature of the subject, most of the offline validator software such as Bobby and A-Prompt have been removed from the disc and their functions replaced by links to live online websites.

All apps run directly from the CD/DVD. All of the software is either natively portable, ie. a single executable or has been 'portablised' using VMWare's ThinApp, NSIS (NullSoft Scriptable Installer System) or the freeware Cameyo.

An internet connection is required to make full use of the contents of this disc. This disc replaces all earlier discs.

Status: This project is in active development.