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Doing a lot more for a lot less

Da2C began life as a collection of aids for disabled computer users and over time we have had to develop low cost solutions for clients with a wide range of problems. Where we feel a particular problem requires a more detailed study we initiate a project to devise effective solutions.

Our in-house expertise covers a broad spectrum, including electronics, computers, psychology, teaching, project management, technical authorship &etc. This allows us to develop novel solutions to problems and as part of our brief we always seek to produce a solution we can implement at a fraction of the cost of commercially available alternatives.

Project Funding

Most of this work is funded from our own resources, however when non-tied financial donations are made to DA2C we place them in the contingency fund. This is generally used to purchase materials needed by our clients but we can also request an allocation from this fund to purchase materials for research projects.

Current Projects

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DA2C Tech Support Discs

Tech Support - Help Desk (opens in a new browser window)
The popular 'Tech Support - Help Desk' disc allows us to provide comprehensive remote support services utilising the tools on the disc via a remote connection

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DA2C Video Training

Video Training Projects (opens in a new browser window)
To assist clients in self development we have produced a great many on-disc video training resources. These materials have consistently complied with the current recommendations for asynchronous training and distance learning. Our current work is all SCORM compliant. Over time we have built up a skill base dealing with the needs of disabled, deaf and visually impaired clients and we are currently working with other organisations to see how this may be effectively deployed.

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Web Accessibility Auditing

DA2C Web Accessibility Auditing Projects (opens in a new browser window)
For some years now DA2C have been providing a web site accessibility audit service. In support of this work we have now developed a Da2c compilation disc consisting of local (on the CD/DVD) help files seamlessly integrated with remote (server based) help files. This has now been completely rebuilt to accommodate the new guidelines for Web Accessibility, BS 8878 (British Standards Institute - BS 8878:2010 Web Accessibility Code of Practice released 7th Dec 2010).

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Software Projects (General)

DA2C Software Projects (opens in a new browser window)
DA2C has considerable in-house technical resources, including programming skills. As a result we have over time produced a range of software projects that we can use to support our clients and assist them with personal development.

Hardware Projects DA2C Hardware Projects
This section is currently being re-written.

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