BioNano-Switch EC Project

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Project Reports
(order of date submitted)

Reporting Stage 1:

  1. Interim Management Report No 1 (Deliverable D4) - Summary of Progress.
  2. Periodic Activity Report No. 1 (Deliverable D1) - Executive Summary.
  3. Periodic Management Report No. 1 (Deliverable D5) - Summary.

Reporting Stage 2:

  1. Periodic Activity Report No 2 (Deliverable D2) - Executive Summary.
  2. Interim Management Report No 2 (Deliverable D6) - Summary of Progress.
  3. Periodic Activity Report No 3 (Deliverable D3) - Executive Summary.

Reporting Stage 3:

  1. Periodic Activity Report No. 4 (Deliverable D30) - Executive Summary.
  2. Final Management Report - Summary.

Research and Scientific Papers Published:


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