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Nothing leaves FinglisCave until it is a sustainable solution for the client!

FinglisCave is a network of management consultants with a wide range of skills.  Our portfolio includes change management, creative problem-solving, quality management (including ISO9001, ISO 14001, Sustainable business and TQM), training and advice on process and project  management, business continuity and supply chain systems and human resources.  We use well-established models and tools to assist you and can provide a full intervention strategy to improve your performance.


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Caverns and BATS
FinglisCave was established in 1999 and consists of Caverns which contain BATs (Business Action Teams). We select our specialists to meet your specific needs to ensure your people and your management systems deliver your policy and objectives.  Business sustainability is increasingly higher on the agenda in the board room as pressure on supply chains, resource scarcity and increasing transport and energy costs impact production and service provision.  Environmental and social impacts are now expected to be managed with the same consideration as financial elements of the business by stakeholders. 

Discussion, based on a thumbnail sketch of the issue/problem, takes place in the Caverns in close consultation with the client.  We use e-mail to clarify your situation and verify your requirements. We can help explore the outcome you want and help get you there.

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FinglisCave Management Consulting Network
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