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I am offering to transfer of vinyl to CD, Mini-Disc, DAT*, MP3, WAV etc and a restoration service for de-clicking and de-noising vinyl and tapes (including 1⁄4" reel to reel, ADAT 16-bit).  see Prices for special offer         £$€        
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If material not too noisy or degraded then clean up will be done with transfer. Please listen to Audio samples
Please email for a quote or use our Enquiry form or see FAQ.
Systemdek II ⁄ PMC TB1 monitors ⁄ Bryston 2B-LP amp ⁄ Sony DAT DTC 55ES ⁄ Marantz CD burner CDR630.         
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Email:                  07786 616015 (mobile)                           Site Map
Also offering audio editing and mixes (Cubase etc). Video editing and transfer to DVD.        
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