*Gator Springs Gazette
a literary journal of the fictional persuasion

While each staff member has a primary focus, all have a say in general policies and may act as readers, judges, copyeditors, proofreaders and talent scouts. Along with their creative bios are brief descriptions of individual talents and focus.
Bob Arter
Bob Arter writes mad fiction and verse in Southern California, where he has been known to take extreme measures to find respite from his countless female fans.

Bob has been the unofficial cub reporter for GSG since early days and is the Fiction Editor for longer works. His insight has been invaluable to the development of the Gazette.

Carrie Berry
(aka jefa)

Carrie hocked her biological clock for a one way ticket to the edge. She occasionally sends postcards.

Carrie is the first point of contact for all submissions, public relations, sales and marketing in addition to her responsibilities as publisher, editor in chief and webmaster.

Gary Cadwallader

Horseman Gary Cadwallader suggested his own title: Flash Wrangler, and he's hit the nail on the shoe. His personal talent for flash has heightened his sense of what works under 1000 words. He has been handling flash submissions as well as recruiting new talent for longer and short fiction.

Gary is currently on sabbatical.

Jai Clare
Jai Clare, currently working on a PhD at the University of Gloucestershire, has recently joined the Fandango Virtual team as poetry editor for Bonfire and Gator Springs Gazette.

website and litblog

G. W. Cox
Late of the fourth estate, Jerry Cox now submits and is accepted or rejected the story of his life, an ongoing fiction not to be missed or messed with.

While Jerry (aka Gyro) shares in slush pile duties and policy decisions, his specialist focus is online accessibility issues.

Linda M. Donovan
Linda lives near Puget Sound, Washington. A former software engineer, she says, I write from images and emotions, then ferret out the story and characters—kind of like bending chicken wire into strange shapes, then placing the right mix of materials to produce something pleasing to experience; something to remember; to ponder.

As book review editor, Linda produces reviews of non-fiction books relating to literature and writing.

Anne Marie Jackson

Anne Marie likes writing short stories and flash fiction about Russians and Moldovans, though she has been known to find inspiration in ears, eggs and even potatoes.

In her role as public relations specialist, Anne Marie is spearheading publicity efforts for all Fandango Virtual projects, including Gator Springs Gazette. She has also provided valuable assistance as a slush reader, copy editor and proofreader.

Gabriel Orgrease
A descendent of Daniel Boone (who once cut the epic "I kilt a bar" in the bark of an oak), Gabriel Orgrease often leaves good writing in strange places for inquisitive readers to find. Carved on stones in riverbeds, scratched on the backs of matchbook covers, plastered on placards of trams, fingered in the dust of old windows, he maintains pride in a compulsive obscurity and the pursuit of an independent vision of the written arts. For Gabriel writing is not a way to prosperity or fame, but a way to the secrets of life. Look for his best work near you.

GO writes a recurring column (Orgrease Bait & Tackle), assists with marketing and public relations issues and manages distribution in North America.

Frank Saragosa
Frank is retired from the USAF and from teaching ESL. He is currently living in Baja California with his beautiful wife and soulmate, Barbara, and works on his novel between acts of little theatre productions. Short stories, poetry, and non-fiction have appeared in various print and online publications.

As copy editor at the draft stage, Frank has taken on one of the hardest jobs in terms of time and effort. A former teacher, he was almost as happy to take up the red pencil as I was to give it to him.

Denis Taillefer

Denis, an IT professional, lives in Ontario, Canada. No stranger to developing computer applications, but he much prefers writing fiction and dreams of the day when he can do it full time.

Denis has an eye for detail and has been working as copy editor/proofreader in both print and online versions.

While not part of the staff, there are others whose ongoing advice and support have significantly added to the quality of the Gazette. These are, of course,

Jeff Rose
Jeff not only designed the GSG logo, but traded me the original Gazette franchise for a piece of shiny tinfoil.
Bev Jackson
Bev, the esteemed publisher of Lit Pot Press, continues to share her relevant experience and advice freely.

Much love and thanks to both of them.


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