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On this page you will find the answers to some of the burning questions asked by our readers—sometimes we have to read between the lines to find them.

What is Gator Springs Gazette?

Gator Springs Gazette is a literary journal with virtual offices in the fictional town of Gator Springs, transported by a fortuitous meteorological event to its own previously uninhabited island in the Florida Keys. Its very real volunteer staff and guest contributors come together from all over the world through a weirdly-wired web, the hub of which you are connected to right now.

Is Gator Springs Gazette a print journal or an ezine?

Both. GSG the ezine has been providing a unique reading experience for its readers since 2001. In January of 2004, the first simultaneous print version of GSG was released. Print issues were released monthly, then quarterly until the last issue was printed in 2005. The same material was showcased subsequently in electronic format online.

How can I submit my work to Gator Springs Gazette?

Submissions are no longer being accepted.

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