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Cynthia Day

January 4 - February 30

    "The Totally Empty Canvases," by painter Solo Solo, featuring the series "Square Foot."

March 3 Reading:

    "Stories Too Short To Be Told," three minimalist writers read from their work.

March 3- May 15

    "Bits and Pieces and Whole Sections From Sculptures I Never Finished," works in plywood by Racofsky.

May 20 - Lecture:

    "The Importance of Tiny, Insignificant Details," by local biographer Beckah Huffmire.

Memorial Day - Labor Day

    "Cellars," photographs of furnaces, pipes, old furniture, broken toys, discarded appliances, old clothes, cardboard boxes, by Dora Jarre. (Last summer we presented her series, "Dilapidated Barns.")

September 10 - October 30

    "Nothing Ever Happens," paintings of people just sitting around by local artists.

November 5 - Christmas

    "The Oldest Blankets in Central New York," a fiber art exhibition, including the Proctor family blankets, and, during Christmas week "Houses That Don't Put Up Any Decorations," by area photographers.

© Cynthia Day

Cynthia Day has published in the Denver Quarterly, The Literary Review, The Windless Orchard, Green Mountains Review, and the Southern Poetry Review. Four of her poems appear in Last Call: Poems of Alcoholism, Addiction and Deliverance, edited by Sarah Gorham & Jeffrey Skinner, Sarabande Books, 1997. Her first novel, Last House, is currently being serialized online at Big Toe Press (http://bigtoepress.com/2/), and she is working on a second, The Janeville Murders. A native of Hartford, Connecticut, she has lived and worked most of her life in Central New York. She is married and has three children. http://www.cynthiaday.com/

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