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Yarrow Fleetfoot Yarrow is the current Guildmaster (or mistress as the case may be) of the Circle. There is much that she is able to teach a young Ranger, and her guiding hand has helped to shape the guild into what it is today. She wields the Midnight Blade in battle, and the Rangers of Hawk's Vision would lay their lives down in her defence
Skar Whitebeam A highly experienced warrior and tamer of creatures, his skill at swordsmanship and defence skills excedes even that of Yarrow. He is all too willing to pass on this knowledge, if you are experienced enough, and are able to find his abode.
Tanglefoot Darkhaven The past of this powerful warrior is seeped in mystery. What is known is that he was banished from the Circle 20 years ago, and now takes to wandering the areas east of Tsan. It is said that he is able to restore a warrior in the eyes of the Guild, but it is unknown how he does this.


Benno The most skilled Ranger on the face of New Moon. A mighty Ranger Lord and Guardian of the Forest, he frequently ventures into the Goblin Village seeking to wipe those degenerate humanoids from the face of the Silver Oak.
DarkStar Another mighty Ranger Lord and second only to Benno in skill. It is said that he spends most of his time fighting in the areas below Heliopolis, although this author has not been able to confirm this.
Jet Jet is the most well travelled Ranger in the land. There is not much that goes on that he is not aware of. However, it would be wise to approach him respectfully when you need something.
Khan Khan, an experienced Leaguer, only recently became a ranger. His combat skills are fearsome, as the goblins of the Village know first hand. He often can be found in the company of the Healer, Redbull. His path couldn't be further from that assigned by the guild, that of a Cultivator (*)


If you think that someone deserves a mention here, please let me (Katan) know, and if I agree with you, I'll add them.

(*) An in character way of saying that Khan has the second worst title in the Rangers - and the worst is the 700 one... haha

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